The bad qualities of a leader

The bad qualities of a leader
The bad qualities of a leader

Qualities of the Bad Leader

Leaders, first of all, we need to define what an actual leader is. We sometimes get a warped sense of what a true leader is supposed to be because we have no real example to go by.

Our president is supposed to be a leader but when someone makes promises that they can’t keep, what kind of leadership is going on? Not one bit.

We all want to believe that someone can keep a promise but when you look at the promise that is being made and you know that there is no realistic way that it can really be kept, well then who is the fool?

That’s the bigger picture so let’s look at the immediate landscape of your life and who you look to be a leader, someone who can show the way, that has been successful and who is willing to take the time to allow others to find their own success.

Find their Own success, that is the key. A real leader is not afraid for someone else to be successful because they understand that everyone has their own success and it doesn’t necessarily need to be taken from someone else.

Many people are looking for something different, something more in their life. Maybe it is a vacation or a new car but the key is that they are looking for something.

Bad leaders have the quality of making a big promise up front. They talk about what was possible for them and how they got to where they are. How anyone can do the same thing and they will lead the way.

Sounds pretty good so far and sometimes the “leader” is a true leader. Sometimes they are “in it to win it” no matter what.

One of the Bad qualities in someone who is viewed as a “leader” is the trust issue. They know that they will stop at nothing to get what they need, including taking someone else’s. Therefore they think that everyone else has this mentality and so they feel entitled to do business this way.

It is leadership like this that will give an entire industry a bad “rap” when in reality there are some really GREAT leaders who care and take the time.

Generally, the leaders with the bad qualities are the ones that teach the real leaders how they do not want to operate, how they will refuse to do business and usually that lesson comes with some hard knocks.

I know you are wondering where the hard knocks come in so let me explain. I will just do something from my point of view so you can understand where the hard knocks come in.

Let’s start with, we get involved. Leadership was a must and promises were made however time was an issue. Calls not returned and emails left unanswered. The only time the leader contacted us is when there was something for sale.

Getting a call now and then when we might have information that is needed was interesting.

When the “leader” leaves for another company we find that our web address is now re-directing to their landing pages. We are looking into this but we think it is illegal because we OWN the web address and this “leader” did the same thing as someone breaking into our house and taking something.

Generally, we found our own way and we refuse for anyone to have to take the road we did.

We know what the bad qualities of a leader are. The qualities that we have developed as leaders are so far from the ones that we don’t admire.

We plan on staying where we are because one of the very bad qualities in a leader is a person that moves from company to company every 3 to 5 years. We find it amazing that people actually follow these “leaders” because they pose bad qualities.

We believe that believing in a product, service or company is the best way to set the perfect example for leadership because you do not want to develop the bad qualities we see in leaders.


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