How To Turn Leadership Weaknesses Into Strengths

How To Turn Leadership Weaknesses Into Strengths
How To Turn Leadership Weaknesses Into Strengths

Not all supervisors are brought into the world with the fundamental characteristics to be a leader; truth be told, some are so horrible at it that their leadership aptitudes are every now and again raised doubt about.

You realize whom we’re discussing: that director you’re continually attempting to abstain from, hustling out of the kitchen once they stroll in, holding your head down and maintaining a strategic distance from any type of eye to eye connection! On the off chance that you’re a supervisor perusing this and are thinking ‘that sounds recognizable’, at that point I’m apprehensive your not really prominent administration style has landed you the undesirable title of awful chief.

So how would you approach evolving this? All things considered, you first need to recognize your weaknesses. This little rundown will give you instances of where you are turning out badly and how you can fix things.

Not Being Adaptable

Incredible leaders realize how generally will be adaptable and settle on choices dependent on the troublesome conditions they are looked with; they can think and react quickly and discover answers for issues rapidly. Then again, frail leaders can’t grasp new thoughts and are specially ‘stuck in their ways’, reluctant to adjust to what the circumstances call for.

Pushing ahead, to improve as a leader, you’ll have to grasp changes and think outside about the container with regards to tackling issues in a quick-paced condition.

Not Having Integrity

As a leader, you’re a good example for the remainder of the organization, and your representatives look to you for instance of how they ought to carry on. Subsequently, in the event that you have solid standards and are constantly genuine, your team will feel constrained to stick to this same pattern.

If not, expect a deceptive and broken office. All things considered, uprightness is the most important and regarded nature of leadership – consistently keep your statement.


Do you want to monitor your team individuals five times each day to ensure they’ve finished each microscopic undertaking you’ve given them? Provided that this is true, we have terrible news for you; no one like a micromanaging chief. By always breathing down your team’s neck, you’re inevitably going to annoy them up.

Keep in mind: you procured them since they have the right stuff to carry out the responsibility, so give them some space and a little trust and let them continue ahead with their work without interruption. This doesn’t mean you should be totally distant, but instead that you locate the correct parity that functions admirably for your specialty.

Not Providing Feedback

Poor leaders do not have the ability to give useful input; they see that there is a little issue with one of their team individuals however don’t bring up where they are turning out badly. In the event that you aren’t educating your representatives with respect to their slip-ups and giving them tips on how they can improve, they will keep on causing blunders and still to be unaware.

In a survey of 1,400 officials, in the interim, The Ken Blanchard Companies found that neglecting to give criticism was the most widely recognized error leaders make.

Another lethal mistake was delaying or neglecting to make sure to finish surveys and evaluations, implying that terrible leaders aren’t giving their representatives that little increase in certainty or commendation they have to improve and improve.

Not Having a Vision for the Future

A genuine leader is continually considering approaches to improve their item or administration and increase much more prominent outcomes.

They are continually thinking of new and creative plans to advance.

Powerless leaders, then again, are content with their the norm and come up short on the excitement to create and improve.

Not Having Empathy

A decent leader can comprehend the issues that their team or representative faces and has what it takes to help with their concern and be compassionate. On the off chance that your staff is terrified to converse with you about any issues they are managing, you in all probability need understanding.

A smart thought is to hold a team meeting and open the inquiry so your laborers can let you know whether they include any issues inside the work environment.

Assuming Acknowledgment for Success

Do you assume all the acknowledgment for progress, regardless of whether you weren’t the individual to really concocted the thought? Indeed, you have to make your team look great, as well – make sure to acknowledge a job well done.

As Nick Friedman from College Hunks Hauling Junk says: ‘So as to be a genuine visionary leader, you have to relinquish your inner self and spotlight on your kin in light of the fact that without them you would be no place.’

Esteeming Experience over Potential

There are a bunch of managers who just think about individuals’ involvement, as opposed to concentrating on the potential that another representative may have.

A portion of your best workers are presumably not the most experienced but rather are sharp and quick students, and have a fire in their paunch to convey the most ideal exhibition.

Try not to neglect to allow somebody to substantiate themselves since they don’t have the significant experience on their CV.

Not Being Accountable

As a leader, you are in charge of your team, and as the idiom goes: ‘a student is just on a par with their instructor’. Now and then, if your workers have committed an error, it’s conceivable that you haven’t given the right data or backing to play out the activity appropriately.

Not having the option to concede this and assume the fault is an awful characteristic and one that a supervisor shouldn’t have. Anyway hard it might be to swallow your pride, you have to stand up and assume the fault; all things considered, no one is flawless.

Having Tunnel Vision

With consistently advancing patterns and techniques, leaders should probably change with the occasions. What’s reasonable today may not be appropriate tomorrow, and you need to adjust to that.

In case you’re stuck in your ways and pursue the adage that ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’, you’ll before long wind up individually, basically on the grounds that you didn’t advance your leadership system.

Not Defining Goals

In the event that you neglect to give your team a reasonable goal of what they ought to point towards, they’ll be heedlessly filling their day with modest assignments so as to get by.

Regardless of whether you are an in-office or virtual chief, you have to give them clear objectives of what they ought to do and how they can organize their work viably, guaranteeing that every one of their activities is finished in time.

Demonstrating Favoritism

Will undoubtedly be one individual on your team that eclipses the rest, however indicating them partiality will get you in a difficult situation.

For instance, in case you’re berating Emma for being two minutes late however Jane gets free since you like her somewhat more, you’re just going to cause a separation in your team – and possibly pull in a protest against you.

Make sure to regard everybody as equivalent, particularly in case you’re dealing with a little team.

Being Unrealistic

A few leaders have ridiculous desires in the work environment; a genuine case of this is giving a significant team part such a large number of errands with short due dates.

With the additional weight, the representative will either disintegrate or be debilitated and will start searching for work somewhere else.

At the end of the day, it’s important that you comprehend the truth of the work you are designating and to guarantee that you give your team your full help.

Making Empty Promises

Probably the greatest thing that rubs representatives up the incorrect way is the point at which they are always given void guarantees. For instance, you tell workers that they’ll get a reward in the event that they hit the quarterly targets, however, when they do accomplish those outcomes, the reward doesn’t really come through.

In case you’re making vows to your team with no endorsement from the higher-ups, you’re basically pushing them further away and this will, in the long run, aggravate them that they’ll begin searching for work somewhere else.

The lesson of the story here is to ensure you generally have affirmation before you guarantee important motivations to your representatives.

Being Closed-Minded

As a supervisor, your obligations are to unmistakably layout what your staff needs to do and when they have to do it by, so they comprehend what is anticipated from them. You should most likely give them guidelines and show them the procedure of how to finish these undertakings effectively.

Suppose, at some point, Jennifer joins an incredible idea of how to take a shot at a similar activity, however with an alternate strategy – yet you stubbornly shoot her down.

This sort of shut mindedness won’t get you far inside the working environment – you have to figure out how to acknowledge new thoughts and recognition representatives that utilization their drive to better the entire working procedure.

Being Insecure

Do your palms sweat each time you have to give terrible input? Does your voice go unstable when you have to talk in an executive gathering? In case you’re bashfully gesturing your head, you have a normal for an awful leader.

You can change this by figuring out how to have confidence in yourself and ending up progressively self-certain. You were given your situation as a leader in light of the fact that your chief had confidence in your aptitudes, so be sure about the choices you make and attempt to depict this when you are in an awkward circumstance.

In the event that you can distinguish your destructions, improve and develop from your mix-ups, you’ll have the option to make new arrangements, be progressively positive and drive the organization to new victories. What different weaknesses do you think a few leaders have? Join the discussion down underneath and let us know!


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